Quick & Safe Delivery

All the drivers we hired have profound driving experience and no drunk-driving record. Dress uniform with clean-cut outlook.

We install GPS on all of our trucks, easy to track the status and we can always deliver the goods on time.

A brand new car manufactured in 2019 and cover with the car insurance.

Our Service

5.5-ton truck manufactured in 2019 & 2020 in our warehouses which located in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. All the trucks come with lifting tailgate and lifting car shed.

With its large internal space (around 4282mm*1860mm), it can be placed around 17 pcs of 86” touch screen, 20 pcs of 75” touch screen or total 20 sets of blackboard.

All trucks come with lifting tailgate can easily load and discharge the heavy items onto the ground. With lifting car shed, it can load more devices per delivery.

5.5 ton Canter Truck

Please refer to this website: https://fuso.truck-bus.com.tw/car_introduction.php


Yes, we can ship the goods to your country safely through our cooperated forwarder. The price would vary based on the goods' size and weight.

The charging price depends on the distance, the size of the goods, the weight of the goods and whether the building has an elevator or not.

You can pay by cash, hand in to the driver directly, or you can transfer money to our designated bank account.

We will make an evaluation if the goods can be able to put on a cart and move into the truck safely. If not, then we will ask our clients to arrange the shipment themselves.

If it’s the small or medium size, we highly recommend you ask the local logistics to help you. If the size is above 55”, then you can consider to choose us to arrange the shipment, we know the best way to ship the delicate items.