KTA KTA PLUS Touch screen panel smart TV Interactive panel Android Rich Source PERSONA

Product Highlight

► 3840Hz High Refresh Rate

► Adopting SMD 3 in 1 Module

► Size Customizable

► Wide-viewing Angle

► Modular design, Easy Maintenace

► Advertising Billboard: Shopping mall, department store, outdoor event

► Auditorium: Schools, Conference hall

► Large-scale Event: Exhibitions, Trade shows, Public relations events, Concerts


KTA KTA PLUS Touch screen panel Video Wall Smart Pnael Rich Source PERSONA

KTA TVW 電視牆 觸控 觸屏 觸碰 觸摸 安卓 盛源 PERSONA

Our video wall is made in Taiwan with LG super slim panel. Wall mount is available and clients can also choose to buy a touch overlay to make a touch video wall.

Auto-booting when power on Auto-switch to sleep mode when no signal detected

Awarded with 2019 MIT Golden Select and MIT Smile MarkFACEBOOK Interview

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1 year warranty. If the occurred problems have nothing to do with the human factor or natural disaster, you can bring it back to our company to fix during warranty period.