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This FM KTA is special designed for KTA series products and made in Taiwan. The software itself is set up in Chunghwa Telecom’s server room with fattest transmitting speed.

It can be executed directly after booting, and any device that can access the Internet can be used to push or cancel the content. It can push audio files, videos, text marquees, microphone recording files, and Youtube clips to a designated device or in groups. Fully meet every kind of needs you can imagine.

You can set a date and specific time to push messages. The default of staying time is unlimited; you can also set the staying time, and the pushed message will be canceled automatically when the time is up. With the reservation function, it is more convenient to use.

FM-KTA:Silent Broadcast

It can set the moving speed, character size, color and background color of the scrolling words

Supports playing YouTube links directly whether in loop or continually

When you have a list of YouTube videos, the videos will be played in order

Supports YouTube live streaming

It can transfer audio files directly

It can transfer microphone recording files directly

FM-KTA Features

FM-KTA provides you with a new and different world of silent broadcasting.

Silient broadcasting system used to need a screen and a player. After the installation, you can broadcast screens and words to specific equipment.

But it means that each location that needs to be broadcasted has to set up a screen and a player, which is time-consuming, laborious, and costly.

With the high developing technology, there will only be one touch screen in the conference room. Just like a large tablet, you can download APP, surf the Internet, watch movies, and connect with your mobile phone. Mirroring on the screen, remote monitoring, our screen provides you with almost every function you can think of.

Each function of FM KTA is designed to meet the needs of teachers. During the class, if the administrators need to push content, they can use FM-KTA to send messages. The marquee text appears without interrupting classes.

When the screen is covered by the blackboard, administrators can use a microphone to record an audio file to push a sound broadcasting to the whole school or a specific class.

At noon, if you want the whole school to watch the same promotional video together, you can push the video to the whole school or a specific class.

And all the above actions can be done without additional hardware. In the future classrooms, there will be no need to install traditional silent broadcast screens and players, and you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions to set up all equipment.

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FM-KTA FMKTA Silent Broadcasting Software

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FM-KTA FMKTA Touch Silent Broadcasting Software Educational Broadcasting Software TRBS Broadcasting System APP

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Firmware Update:2020/8/17 *Please backup before updating, after updating, all the data will be deleted, including the installed APP and saved data.

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