FM-KTA: Silence Broadcasting Software

KTA KTA PLUS Touch Screen Touch Panel Smart Board IFP Android RichSource PERSONA

Key Features

► Easily broadcast news tickers, images, Youtube video clips,audios, and voice recordings remotely.

► Support grouping broadcasting(All classroom or designated one)

► Broadcast without causing any interference of teaching our working

FM-KTA Features

► FM-KTA Introduction

FM-KTA FMKTA Silent Broadcasting Software

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice

Silent Broadcasting Software FM-KTA APP Download

FM-KTA FMKTA Touch Silent Broadcasting Software Educational Broadcasting Software TRBS Broadcasting System APP

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Firmware Update:2020/8/17 *Please backup before updating, after updating, all the data will be deleted, including the installed APP and saved data.

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DM and user manual are subject to change without prior notice.

OS Compatibility: Android

Mobile device OS Compatibility: Android