2020 ISE Amsterdam

 Demonstrate the seamless whiteboard complies with 75” IR touch screen (KTA-PLUS), 86” P-cap touch screen, Voting software, and 55” digital signage kiosk. We’ve sold all of the products during the exhibition with plenty of new orders!


2020 Dubai GESS Expo

Demonstrate 75” multi-touch screen, which has a built-in Android 8.0, silent broadcasting software, whiteboard software, hot spot sharing, screen mirror functions…etc, aiming to provide an one-stop solution for various occasions. Also demonstrated the 55” touch kiosk and IRS voter software during the expo and successfully made a good impression for clients in Dubai.

2019 Japn FINETECH Tokyo

We’ve presented our products to schools, retailers, SI distributors, and we had shown the capability of the Taiwan companies and exchanged many ideas. In the meanwhile, Rich Source also joined the Taipei Educational Exhibition at the same time, both exhibitions are really successful with many new orders.