Interactive photo-taking software

Rich Source, PERSONA, CaptureMe, Interactive Photo-taking software

Key Features

► Taking Photos and Filming Clips Interactively

► Personalizing Your Photo with Built-in Drawing Funtions

► Easily Save Photos by Scaning the QRcode

► Enhancing Engagement with your Clients

CaptureMe photo-taking software

► CaptureMe Introduction

CaptureMe is a multifunctional photograph application. Users can choose templates, stickers, and special effects to personalize their photos to make them more eye-catching. Besides, it allows users to save the photo in their smartphones by scanning QR Code and share on Facebook, LINE, Skype, etc., and it also increases the advertising effectiveness.

Rich Source, PERSONA, Captureme, Interactive Photo-taking software

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CaptureMe download & installation

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Android download

Windows download

If you have bought the previous version, please download this version.(available with the previous version with the brown dongle)

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download installation(green dongle)

download the user manual

OS Compatibility: Windows and Android

Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.