Charging Cart

KTA KTA PLUS Touch screen panel smart TV Interactive panel Android Rich Source PERSONA

Key Features

► Perfect Capacity for 20/40 Devices

► AC input voltage 90V~240V

► Efficient and Synchronous Charging

► Temperature-controlled silent fans

► Movable Omni-wheels Design

Charging Cart

► X20 Devices

KTA KTA PLUS Touch screen panel Video Wall Smart Pnael Rich Source PERSONA

► X40 Devices

KTA TVW 電視牆 觸控 觸屏 觸碰 觸摸 安卓 盛源 PERSONA


Our charging car products have electrical and electronic safety measures. The three important electrical and electronic devices of the mains input control distribution circuit board, switching power supply and charging main board are located in different independent cavities to avoid mutual signal interference and excessive external radiation, and are fully protected. The health of teachers, students and surrounding personnel.

The cooling fan has a temperature control sensor. When the internal temperature is ≥28°C, it will automatically start the fan to cool down. The cabinet is equipped with a fool-proof structure to ensure that no matter how the cabinet is placed, it will not block the exhaust outlet. This effectively prevents the charging cabinet from being backed by environmental objects (such as walls) and blocking the smooth exhaust of the exhaust outlet.

Please disconnect the power supply of the charging car first, open the cabinet door, put the tablet into the corresponding slot, and then connect both ends of the USB cable to the charging/HUB socket and tablet socket on the device respectively.