KTA PLUS 觸控 Wayfinder Web 互動 軟體 導覽 雲端 廣告看板

Key Features

► Tracking the record of devices usage

► Easily monitor screen's OS version and instant status

► Remotely control all devices located in different places

► Support remotely push/cancell notification such as: news tickers, specific picture, and YouTube Video

► Support group dispatching


► DMS+ Introduction

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DMS+ Download

互動 觸控 觸屏 觸碰 觸摸 AMS 智慧帳戶管理系統 NFC 軟體

KTA-PRO Download File 1

KTA-PRO Download File 2

(This version is applicable to the touch screen KTA-PRO. Installation is complete after downloading and installing files 1 and 2.)

KTA-PRO-PIS Download File

(This version is applicable to the touch screen KTA-PRO-PIS系列*The system version must be from November 20, 2023, or later to be compatible)

Android Download File

IOS Download File

Software update:2023/12/7

DMS+ Backend

Support OS: Android

1. Please start by opening a browser on your computer and accessing the DMS+ backend system. Add relevant information for the device, such as names.

2. Then, on the screen device, open the DMS+ software. After logging in with your account and password, you will see the device names.

3. Click on the corresponding classroom name to complete the binding process.